Hair Cutting & Styling

We take the extra care needed to ensure that you get the style that you want. Whether you have idea, or an actual image of the look you want to acheive, we can take care of all your needs.

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Color Services

Getting the right hair color is an art. We have experienced hair dressers that are talented at achieving the right hair color and have years of experience in their field.

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Hair Treatments

Hair treatments involve carefully mixing additives to create a perfect solution that is tailored to your hair. Our hair professionals have the skill it takes to correctly identify your hair texture and get you the treatment specific to your needs.

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Our Philosophy

At  Beryle Studio, we start at this fundamental truth: our relationship with our hair is deeply emotional. When we walk by a window and see our reflection, we almost automatically fix our hair. When a visitor comes by, before we even answer the door we fluff our hair. When we’re getting ready for a party, we style our hair, as best as we can. And when something changes — if our hair dries out, thins, grays, grows heavy, splits at the ends, if the color fades — it affects us on a heart level.

For many of us, our hair is a deeply felt part of our identity. At Beryle Studio, that truth is where our styling begins. Our hope is that you leave our studio feeling emotionally boosted. That you leave with a sense of pleasure over your hair. That your hair looks and feels how you hoped it would. That it represents you.

In that spirit, our stylists offer a start-to-finish service, including a careful consultation before and after your style, an unhurried atmosphere, and a precise attention to quality and detail.

At Beryle Studio, we respect your relationship with your hair.
And we start there.